The Rise Of Doja Cat

The Rise Of Doja Cat

As the rap/pop star is in the midst of a new devilish era, we decided to take a look back at her rise to It Girl status

Grammy award winner Doja Cat, has been a superstar on the rise. Within the past five years, she has grown into her personality and fans can’t get enough of it.

Starting back in 2019, Doja Cat released her sophomore album, Hot Pink, featuring the hit song, “Say So.” With this song winning Doja the NAACP Image Award for Outstanding New Artist back in 2020, her career has taken off ever since.

The 2020 COVID pandemic hit four months after the release of Hot Pink. Unfortunately everyone became isolated, but her music was there to keep them in touch with society. Throughout the pandemic, Doja Cat became more and more popular on social media. She shared videos of her singing, making jokes, and generally adding to her relatability.

But besides her amazing voice and fun personality, Doja has proven to be versatile in the past couple years. She is responsible for the songwriting and producing of her albums. Thus proving herself in the music industry each day.

Her collaborations with artists such as Ariana Grande, SZA, and Nicki Minaj, have allowed Doja to continue rising up.

Her unique pop, r&b, and EDM sound is something that is unforgettable. With her latest album, Planet Her, from 2021, you can really tell that this was the start of a new era.

This album came with a lot of female empowerment. With Doja always speaking out on current events, a lot of adults and young women started to look up to her. Not only as the pop star she is, but as someone they can trust.

Overall, Doja Cat has made quite the entrance into the music industry over the past few years–and she is here to stay.

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Doja Cat is going on tour! Check out her website below for details.

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