That Kid releases Soulja Boy adaptation “Crank That”

That Kid releases Soulja Boy adaptation “Crank That”

Hyperpop singer-songwriter That Kid will be feeding his fans in 2023. Known for a bombastic and modernized Y2K-bubblegum pop style, the Denver-based artist promises to expand on a multi-year run that’s seen him breakout of the Internet music underground and into emerging pop stardom.

Over the past several years, That Kid has leveraged his infectious charisma and elite songwriting ability into millions of streams; collaborations with SlayyyterunderscoresAyesha EroticaumruChase IconTerror Jr, and Bayli; and headlining performances at Brooklyn’s vaunted Elsewhere venue and the infamous Boiler Room x Subculture event in Los Angeles. Now, following three released projects over just as many years (CrushComedownSuperstar), the artist is ready to showcase everything he’s capable of – to old and new fans alike.

Today, That Kid releases “Crank That,” a new SoundCloud exclusive that samples and interpolates the classic Soulja Boy track of the same name. “Crank That” is a semi-sequel to That Kid’s 2020 song “Kiss Me Thru The Phone,” the breakout track off of his Crush mixtape and another Soulja Boy adaptation.

Crank That” recontextualizes the swagger of its original version with a contemporary hyperpop flair, swapping out a 2000s hip-hop vibe with lush electronic production and a driving club beat. The track kicks off with a Soulja Boy sample before bringing in brooding nightclub synth melodies; That Kid then comes in with an immaculate delivery, smoothly flowing over the beat with biting, hedonistic lyrics.

Sultry and futuristic, “Crank That” feels like a logical continuation from the aesthetic sensibilities of That Kid’s Superstar mixtape. It also acts as a bridge into a new era for the ever-evolving artist, kick-starting a year that will see him experimenting with new sounds and styles. 

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