“International Dial Tones” A New Single By Trio Band Reminders

“International Dial Tones” A New Single By Trio Band Reminders

Left to Right: Leo Dyke, Theo Afsarian, Harry Spencer Image via: https://www.punkrocktheory.com/news/isle-wights-reminders-release-new-single-international-dial-tones

International Dial Tones is the new single released by punk band Reminders. Fans haven’t heard a new track from the band since their debut album “Best of Beach Punk” back in April of 2022.

Their new single incorporates some of their most praised elements, while adding a more refined sound and cleaner production.

The Reminders is a British punk band hailing from Isle of Wight England the trio consists of Vox/Guitarist Leo Dyke, bassist Theo Afsarian, and drummer Harry Spencer.

The track has a nostalgic punk sound that transports listeners back to the early 2000s American punk. Uniquely, the lyricism also exhibits honest British angst, and one of the most clever lines in the song reads,

“I heard you let yourself go, but the grapevines overgrown, so I could have got it wrong.”

Leo Dyke is using a play on words of the phrase “hearing something through the grapevine” and what he means is; If the grapevine were overgrown it would be unreliable and even harder to accurately delineate between rumors and truth.

The songs meaning touches on the topic of being away from your home, and leaving what one once knew as familiar. In particular, the song discusses how the writer has lost touch with someone they were once close to, and the only things he hears about them are through an overgrown grapevine.

Despite the singers numerous attempts to contact this person they were once close to on the phone, he receives no answer…Only an international dial tone.

After a closer examination of the lyrics, the voice of the song is now full of emotion and urgency. This adds a delightful hidden layer of deeper meaning to this seemingly energetic, and zestful song.

Overall, “International Dial Tones” is a well-crafted and thought provoking track that showcases the bands versatility as musicians and their ability to blend diverse influences into their music.

Given that the band is influenced by both British and American sounds; This new song is a testament to this successful blending, and poses to be a unique and refreshing approach to the genre.

Images Via Reminders Facebook and PunkRockTheory.com

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