Taylor Swift & What To Know About Speak Now (TV)

Taylor Swift & What To Know About Speak Now (TV)

After months of fan speculation regarding which album will be re-recorded next, Taylor Swift has announced that her next project will be Speak Now (Taylor’s Version). The album releases July 7 of this year. This will be the third chapter of her expansive re-recording adventure. Speak Now originally released in 2010. It also served as Taylor Swift’s third studio album. She wrote the album all while promoting her second studio project, Fearless. With her last re-recording debut featuring over 14 new songs, fans can’t help but wonder how well these new songs will fare on the album.  

The Many “Taylor’s Versions” of Past

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Taylor Swift’s embarking on this journey has to do with her want for songwriting ownership against her previous label Big Machine. With this yearn for ownership also came her decision to re-record and re-release all of her albums under her own terms. Every album that gets released gets the attachment “Taylor’s Version” added to its title end. The point of this is to imply complete ownership and also differentiate from her similar works produced years ago. Some of her projects currently include a re-release of Fearless and Red, all of which received high praise. However, Red (Taylor’s Version) received so much accolade for its inclusion of new songs and the ever-popular “All Too Well (10 Minute Version).” 

Speak Now (Taylors Version)

Taylor Swift is no new artist to the world of music. Her discography comes as one of the most complimented and loved works in the industry. Speak Now served as a mixture of pop, country, and also the conventional pop rock. It featured an eclectic mesh of soft guitar rhythms, heavy drum lines, and melodies. With songs such as “Haunted,” “Enchanted,” and “Sparks Fly” making a return, the album will capture an audience like no other. Swift announced that the re-recording will feature six new songs from her unreleased vault. With teen pop sounds making a return, Speak Now (Taylor’s Version) will clearly be one of the albums of the summer.

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