Singer Jazii Releases New Single “Intuition”

Singer Jazii Releases New Single “Intuition”

Valentine’s Day came and brought an abundance of new music from various artists. Some talked about finding love and sex, but R&B Artist Jazii took a different route with her single “Intuition”.

From the first piano medley that plays before Jazii comes in, listeners know it will not be a light-hearted track. The slow tempo piano and bass radiate the song with a feeling of melancholy that Jazii emphasizes in her lyrics.

On the track, Jazii speaks on a toxic relationship she indulged herself in and how she always had a gut feeling it was not good for her. She searches for substance in the relationship to no avail. She sings, “Cuz’ everything ain’t what it seems, […] all the late nights, that look in your eyes tell me what it means.”

Via Jazii – Topic on Youtube.

In one of the closing lines, Jazii sings, “Cuz you done pulled me on this widow shit”. It is evident that her partner died and left a lasting impact on her. She speaks her grievances in the last line when she sings, “Things will never be the same.”

“Intuition” is not the only gut-wrenching heartbreak song in Jazii’s discography. The song “Fade Away” speaks on Jazii’s wish of her memories of a past turbulent relationship would leave her mind. The relationship ended and it was the partner’s fault; nevertheless, the partner still lives rent-free in Jazii’s mind and though she knows it’s detrimental to her well-being to get back together, she is still considering it. She illustrates this when she sings, “ I just want to forget and get back to loving you.”

“Intuition” is just a sneak peek of the potential Jazii has. The R&B singer has great control over her vocals and does not strain her voices when going for higher notes. The song is available on all streaming platforms.

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