Romeo Santos Announces Release Date For Album

Romeo Santos Announces Release Date For Album

Image via the Today Show

On Friday, Romeo Santos went on the Today show and performed live as well as giving his fans a date for his anticipated album “Formula Vol. 3”. The bachata singer released a single for the album, “Sus Huellas”, back in February on Valentines Day. It’s the only single out right now for the album. The album is the third part of the Formula series. “Formula Vol.1” and “Formula Vol.2” were released in 2011 and 2014 respectively. It will be 8 years since the last “Formula” album and 3 years since his last studio album, “Utopia.”

The King of Bachata performed a variety of his hit songs, including “Propuesta Indecente” and “Llevame Contigo,” at Rockefeller Center in New York. Romeo also spoke with the hosts of the today show, revealing that he plans to release “Formula Vol. 3” on his first son’s birthday, September 1st.

Video via The Today Show YouTube Channel

“My plans, my objective, is to release this [on] my son’s birthday, my first born, September 1st. It’s not for sure but I’m doing my best.”

Romeo Santos on The Today Show.

While nothing is completely set in stone, this gives his fans a range of dates to expect the album to drop. Earlier this year, Romeo Santos announced that his new album was in the works, but left fans in the dark as to what the concept would be and when it would come. Even now, there isn’t much information available, with “Sus Huellas” still being the only single out. It will be interesting to see who will feature on the album, with artists like Drake, Usher , Lil Wayne, and Nicki Minaj appearing in Formula Vol 1 or 2. Romeo is not a stranger to mixing genres and languages. Throughout his career, the Bronx native mixed American culture with Latin American music, but his specialty remains in spanish songs. It’s just a waiting game now to listen to what Romeo Santos has been making.

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