Ro James, The Urban Songbird

Ro James, The Urban Songbird


Best known for his hit record grammy-nominated song Permission, Ro James is an artist to watch.

Who is Ro James?

James is a German-born American singer/songwriter. He attributes his experimental sound with his upbringing as a military kid. In a Billboard interview, James says, “I’ve lived everywhere from California to Oklahoma to Indiana to New York to Georgia, and every place has a different vibe, and I take a little bit with me.” Anyone listening to his music can catch the subtle cultural references to his journey around the world.

His father, although not a musician, played lots of music in his house, such as Otis Redding and Marvin Gaye. James did his own exploration into music and discovered artists like Prince and Biggie. “When he was ten years old, James remembers his father telling he had a voice.” James has been singing ever since. His artistry did not develop, however, until his first heartbreak when he turned 19. Releasing his first EP called Coke, Jack, and Cadillacs.

James’s music thus far has been a meditation of black romance: the beauty, pain, and pleasure. James writes poetry in his verses, celebrating the bliss uncertainty brings in a romantic relationship. The notoriety James has accumulated over the past five years has everything to do with his raw talent, both singing, and writing. He released his debut album ‘El Dorado’ five years ago, and the media dubbed the album a proper introduction to James’s full creative range.

Mantic Album

James released his sophomore album ‘Mantic’ featuring Miguel, Masego, and Brandy in March. Mantic delves into James himself: the respectful guy, the hopeless romantic, the writer crafting a story. His music is sophisticated and bends R&B music to both the past and the future.

In the end, James is apart of a new wave of R&B artists lighting their own path. With each album, fans get to see a new chapter in James’s book of life. Check out Ro James’s new album Mantic below:

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