Rico Nasty is Unapologetic in ‘OHFR?’ Music Video

Rico Nasty is Unapologetic in ‘OHFR?’ Music Video

Rapper Rico Nasty is shaking things up with her new single “OHFR?” which is unapologetically edgy. She brings the track to life with a brash yet captivating black and white music video where she channels her inner punk rock aesthetic. 

“OHFR?” was produced by 100 Gecs, and very well encapsulates the rappers signature brazen sound with a bass heavy beat that’s detailed with distorted electric guitar strums. The rapper makes her feelings clear in her notable raspy tone as she spits the bold chorus “Oh for real? They said Rico put a ten piece in her grill. I been movin’ how I want, fuck how you feel.” 

In the music video she sports classic punk rock attire such as combat boots, spiky hair, spiked jewelry, fishnet stockings and leather while capitalizing each look with dark lipstick and heavy eyeliner. Throughout the video, she highlights her robust lyrics while aggressively swinging a guitar and violently smashing vases with a Harley Quinn like hammer. The video was directed by Spudmckenzie, and has so far gathered over 190,000 views on YouTube.

“OHFR?” follows a stream of recently released singles from the rapper such as the upbeat track “Don’t Like Me” featuring Don Toliver and Gucci Mane which was unleashed a few weeks ago. Behind the release of “Don’t Like Me” is the confident single “Own It” which was paired with a fashion forward music video that has so far gathered over 1.2 million views on YouTube.

The rapper has been working all 2020, and recently announced to her fans her upcoming album “Nightmare Vacation” which is set to release Dec. 4. In an interview with NME, she mentions the album will exhibit a versatile sound that resonates with her artistry in rap music. “I don’t really resonate with punk stars because I’m not that hardcore.” she said. “I like bubbles and stuff; I’m not harsh and crazy. And with this new album, I definitely resonate with being a pop-punk princess.”

Check out Rico Nasty’s music video “OHFR?” above.

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