Pearl & Oysters Release Album: Coast 2 Coast

Pearl & Oysters Release Album: Coast 2 Coast

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Coast 2 Coast by Pearl & The Oysters’ latest album released on April 21, 2023. It blends chillwave vibes and considers the impact technology has on existence. The album showcases the band’s creativity and their ability to create a concept album that is both maximalist and controlled. While some may argue that the chillwave and vaporwave genres have fallen out of fashion, Pearl & The Oysters continue to bear the torch with this album. Drawing inspiration from Stereolab, Kraftwerk, and Yellow Magic Orchestra.

Notably, Pearl & The Oysters aren’t just a band they are also a couple. The pair met in Paris when they were teenagers and later moved to the United States. Their relationship slowly blossomed from friendship to a more personal relationship. In addition they have always had a shared interest of music, and together have been releasing music since 2017.

Some of the highlights from the album include a Laetitia Sadier collaboration on “Read the Room”. A fun and catchy indie-pop track that perfectly captures the party atmosphere of the album. As well as, “Paraiso”. A standout track that pays homage to Yellow Magic Band’s Paraiso, evoking a feeling of being in a coastal paradise.

Coast 2 Coast

Throughout, there is a recurring theme of a digital, electronic signal-only world, and the impact of technology on humans. Tracks like “Konami” and “Loading Screen” explore the relationship between humans and their screens, while “D’Ya Hear Me!” questions the nature of human interaction in the age of technology.

The album’s final track, “Vicarious Journey,” contemplates existential philosophy and the concept of eternal return. Surprisingly, the band suggests that there may be no dystopia or utopia in the relationship between humans and technology. They posit that it just is, and in the end, the party goes on.

Overall, Coast 2 Coast is an album showcasing Pearl & The Oysters’ creativity, and their ability to blend different genres and themes cohesively. It’s a must-listen for anyone who loves indie-pop, chillwave, or electronic music. It might even leave you contemplating the impact of technology on your own existence.

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