Beach House Gets Gloomy On New EP

Beach House Gets Gloomy On New EP

Today Beach House, the popular band releases their new EP entitled Become. The EP consists of five songs, with each being around four to five minutes long.

Comparing Become to their previous works, there is a noticeable aesthetic difference. Uniquely, what makes this new release so interesting is that Beach House has taken inspiration from darker rock sounds and personalized them.

The group is known for their dreamy sound, with some of their most popular albums like Depression Cherry and 7 being almost ethereal. Become is a perfect blend of exploring new aesthetics while retaining core elements of signature sounds.

The sound is dynamic, with each song pulling you continuously through the tracks in a smooth gliding fashion. However in terms of transitions between songs there is not any, and each song is stand alone.

A taste of what’s to come? Or a flash from the past

The EP begins with the song American Daughter which strongly begins to indicate that these tracks are different. With guitars and a little drums slowly building in sound and tempo as the song progresses. Near the end, the percussion especially the drums seem to let loose and then the song ends. Some of the other highlight tracks are Devil’s Pool, and Holiday House.

Notably, in a Pitchfork interview the band explains that these songs were created during sessions for Once Twice Melody. Saying, “We didn’t think they fit in the world of OTM, but later realized they all fit in a little world of their own.”

While this EP is less conceptual than some of their other works, fans of Beach House will find what they are looking for here. Gracefully composing soundscapes, listeners journey alongside the group.

The EP culminates with the title track Become, a bona fide swan song that drifts away from the listener. The track concludes seemingly misfit collection of tracks, and in the end brings them together for a very solid EP.

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