Metal Marty Channels “The Reckless Kind”

Metal Marty Channels “The Reckless Kind”

Filmed in the California high desert burgh of Pioneertown, Metal Marty is backed by fellow Supersuckers Eddie Spaghetti (bass, vocals) and Chris Von Streicher (drums) along with sidekick Wheelbarrow Annie (fiddle).

“We wanted to channel the big guitar solo energy of 80’s music videos and some 70’s Easy Rider cool – plus anytime I’m collaborating with the Supersuckers it’s about as fun as it gets,” recalls Bahruth, who’s directed three previous videos for the band as well as films for Devo, Seal and the documentary “Bob and The Monster.”

Written by Roger Alan Wade (who co-hosts “The Big Ass Happy Family Jubilee” with cousin Johnny Knoxville on Sirius XM’s Outlaw Country), “Reckless Kind” struck a chord with Marty immediately. “When I first heard that song I felt it like it was written for me, I always thought it would be cool to give it the ‘arena rock’ treatment. I was very proud to play it for Roger when we were done mixing it. He’s my brother for life.”

Wade recounts his initial encounter with Metal Marty, “The first time I met Marty was when he came leaping over the monitor speakers out of nowhere and started singing The Reckless Kind. I wasn’t sure who he was, but he just blew the roof off.”

“Yeah, that’s pretty much how it went down,” Marty laughs, “welcome to the roller coaster ride of chaos and bad decisions that is my life! “

The Supersuckers embark on a five-week UK/European tour on October 4, 2023. “Metal Marty’s Greatest Hits” and the recent Supersuckers catalog is available via Acetate Records. | []

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