Alix Earle At New York Fashion Week

Alix Earle At New York Fashion Week

Alix Earle, who has been an influencer on the come up within the past year, just attended her first New York Fashion Week.

NYFW (New York Fashion Week) is a semi annual series of events where people come together from all around the world to celebrate fashion. Held in New York City, celebrities and the general public dress up to attend fashion shows to get an idea of what the newest and latest trends will be.

With it only being one week, celebrities and influencers like Alix Earle, take the time to get styled for the special occasion. Known for her goofy personality and “relatable best friend” energy, Earle stuns out in New York, trying out a few different looks.

Starting with attending an event in Brooklyn for Chanel, Earle wore a fabulous purple skirt set made by Chanel. Matching with a mini heart Chanel purse and a slicked back bun. This outfit is a bit different than what we are used to seeing Alix Earle wear, but as everyone tries something new during NYFW, the fans are happy to see her expanding her fashion taste.

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On the move shortly after, Alix Earle shows her fans on TikTok what the behind the scenes are for NYFW. As she gets in an uber and has to immediately change for the Victoria Secret show.


It just gets bumpier and bumpier

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Changing from a Chanel outfit to a long sheer brown dress in the back of a bumpy car, the influencer shares with the public, “This is the craziest thing I have ever done.”

Lastly, wearing a Ferragamo skirt set, Earle attends a Women’s Wear Daily event speaking on behalf of Gen-Z.

Instagram @alix_earle

Overall, Alix Earle made a great start at her first New York Fashion Week and I am sure we can all look forward to seeing more from her in the future!

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