Mercer Tells Relatable Story With Her Single “Strangers”


Mercer Tells Relatable Story With Her Single “Strangers”


Mercer By Sofia Ziman

Mercer Henderson also known as Mercer began her career as a singer-songwriter at the young age of 13. The San Francisco native who is now living in New York is special in more ways than one. She not only has charismatic vocals but also has impeccable skills when it comes to songwriting. Back in February she released her first single “Fool.” Following the release of “Fool” was “Strangers.”

Mercer Releases “Strangers”

Mercer’s highly anticipated single “Strangers” was released this past summer. The calming tones in this song make you feel like you are living through her experiences, and some of us are. “Strangers” tells the story of a friendship breakup. When talking about the single she said,

Have you ever had a best friend who you spent all your time with and all of sudden you go through a friend breakup, and you wish you could go back to how it was? Well, my friend and I just wrote a song about it.

Mercer, 2022

Upon its release back in June, the song received 15 thousand pre-saves on Spotify. After listening to her music, it is no surprise that she gets inspiration from artists such as Julia Michaels, Gracie Abrams, and Tate McRae. In the chorus of “Strangers” Mercer sings,

“Nothing ever feels right/Shirt stained with red wine/Can we go to august back in time/I wish I could tell you/Startin to resent you/Hitting up your exes late at night/Wish I could call you/Say I never tried to/You should check your voicemails they’re all mine/Thinking that you crossed the line/When you say we’re fine”

Mercer tugs at everyone’s heartstrings as she sings about this relatable story. Some brave ones will send this to their ex-best friend to let them know they are missing them. But, for those who do not, you can sit, listen below, and reminisce on the old times.

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