Marianna Winter Shares Her ‘Consequences’

Marianna Winter Shares Her ‘Consequences’

Songstress Marianna Winter released a live studio performance of her previously released single ‘Consequences’ via Tutl Records. The session was recorded at Studio Bloch in the singer’s homeland, Tórshavn, Faroe Islands, and follows the official music video for the single, which garnered early support from CelebMix. In the past, her music has gained the support of UK online tastemaker magazines The Line Of Best Fit and Gigwise as well as All Music Magazine and Bands of Tomorrow. On radio, the single has received airplay on Reprezent Radio as well as Faroe Islands’ national station KVF.

A breezy showcase of an otherwise playfully dark record, Marianna Winter’s live performance of ‘Consequences’ shines a new light on the record. With warbly electric piano and warmly saturated guitar, the track takes on a laid-back quality, making space for Winter to display her live performance abilities.

Marianna Winter performed her debut festival show in her homeland at G! Festival. Then she took to the stage at UHØRT Festival in Denmark. Now, she is scheduled to perform in the UK later this year at The Great Escape. Her music has been featured on various Spotify playlists, namely Now Hear This in the UK and De Nye in Denmark.

Soul-pop singer Marianna Winter is one of the few female artists currently pioneering the lo-fi underground scene in the Faroe Islands with her gritty yet catchy pop melodies. Born and partly raised between California and Tórshavn, she challenges her homeland’s musical and cultural status quo, adding an LA heat to the quintessential Nordic sound, thus offering a unique perspective into both cultures. Drawing inspiration from Lennon Stella, Daniel Caeser, Joesef, UMI, and Mahalia, her sound can be likened to SZA, Kehlani, and Alina Baraz.

Marianna Winter says: “I don’t usually go around thinking about stealing puppies or ruining anybody’s life, but that deepest, darkest part of me, rooted in jealousy and feeling small, is always there, lurking. She’s in every relationship, she’s at every party with me, and she’s got a mind of her own. It’s a part of me that I’m deeply ashamed of, but I’ve realized shaming her doesn’t make her go away, so why not embrace her? A little…‘Consequences’ is her song, her moment to shine. Crazy or not, she’s me and I am her.”

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