Love Ghost And Wiplash: “LEFT ON READ’

Love Ghost And Wiplash: “LEFT ON READ’

Recently released by Love Ghost teaming up with Wiplash, the duo dropped a pop- punk anthem titled “LEFT ON READ.”

The term “being left on read” is a phrase that came from pop culture. When someone opens your text message, Snapchat, dm, etc, without responding, it means you have been left on read. 

Stated in the press release, “’LEFT ON READ’ is a pop-punk anthem about feeling ignored, in the vein of Machine Gun Kelly, All Time Low and Green Day.” Meaning, what wouldn’t there be to like?

Check out the single below, or anywhere you get your music!

The artist Love Ghost is constantly releasing music, such as more of his recent releases, “Hollywood Blvd.” and “Dope Man.” Along with that, released in February of this year the artist released his sophomore album titled, Dark Phoenix. The artist has also worked with other artists such as DJ SWITCH GHANA, and Camidoh. As he is figuring out his place in the punk/rock industry, the artist has sure made a great start. Check out his discography below.

Working with Wiplash, this band released their latest album back in May earlier this year titled Narvarte. They are continually making new music and making a name for themselves in the music world. Check out some of their latest hits such as, “Prometimos,” “Adictos,” “Yonaguni,” and “Cereal.” Check out their discography below.

Along with checking out the newly released single, Love Ghost and Wiplash dropped an official music video, linked below.

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