Beyoncé Releases “MY HOUSE”

Beyoncé Releases “MY HOUSE”

Released on the 1st of December, Beyoncé song “MY HOUSE” releases in the ending credits of her Renaissance world tour concert film.

Cover for “MY HOUSE”

Dating back to early May of this year, iconic pop star Beyoncé has been on her world renowned tour for quite some time now. During the process of putting the tour together, her crew decided to make a film documenting the concert, and letting everyone who was not able to see the performance in person, to be able to watch it in theaters! 

The single “MY HOUSE” represents a combination of what the artist has been known for over the years. The song starts out with the sound of a step team (similar to the artist’s 2018 hit song, “Homecoming”), and then moving towards an upbeat, house and party song that everyone can enjoy together. 

The song “MY HOUSE” embraces confidence and a call for a self love revolution. The artist has always done an amazing job of creating songs that lets individuals feel the power of lyrics and belief in oneself. Continually embracing how she is as an artist truly inspires others to believe in themself, and I think that is why she has become such an important figure in our generation.

In the past, Beyoncé has been known for her past hit songs such as “Single Ladies,” “Crazy In Love,” “Halo,” and tons more. After her tour and now the release of this single, I think we can expect some new and upcoming stuff from this iconic artist! I am personally officially back in my Beyoncé phase and can’t wait to see what is coming next in the near future for her.

Along with checking out the artists newest single below, check out the Renaissance concert film in theatres near you!

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