Les Duski By Lil Tony Music Video Review

Les Duski By Lil Tony Music Video Review

Rising hip-hop Atlanta rapper, Lil Tony, has released his highly anticipated music video for his latest single, “Les Duski”, from his 2 Sides 2 Every Story mixtape in 2023! Check out the music video below!

Les Duski Music Video Review

Firstly, throughout the music video, it is apparent that Lil Tony is no stranger to visual graphic art and symbolism. The video begins with a flash montage with Lil Tony and symbols such as skeletons, beware signs, graffiti, and chains. In addition, the music video cuts into scenes from the graffitied basement, to a hallway, and to a haunted themed hall with a glowing skeleton. As a matter of fact, the transitions between the scenes and Lil Tony’s performance mimics a chaotic thriller. Lastly, according to the director, Public Goat, he wanted to transform the video to mimic a classic horror flick.

For example, there is a sign that warns the viewers, “No trespassing, we’re tired of hiding the bodies’. Then, as the camera pans to the splattered blood, chains hanging from the ceiling, skeletons, and a severed head beside Lil Tony, it replicates the director’s vision. Also, another example of Public Goat’s vision is how Lil Tony is rapping in the middle of a room with plastic wrap for a ‘Dexter-style climax’. For reference, the promotion of Dexter, a television series, is the main character’s face pressing against plastic wrap. Furthermore, the video ends with Lil Tony swinging a baseball bat to the audience while walking off. Currently, the video has 81 thousand views but the song has over 100 thousand views on Spotify!

Les Duski Single Review

Lil Tony’s single, “Les Duski” was released as a track with his mixtape, 2 Sides 2 Every Story, in 2023. Firstly, this single lets the listeners embark on a journey with Lil Tony about the current Atlanta rap sound. Then, from the use of autotune as a creative effect and his “talking” rap style, he gained attraction with fans across the U.S. For this song, Lil Tony and his producers brought interesting dynamics. For instance, there is a slight pause where the dramatic drums disappear and the synths are playing in the background. Also, the isolation of Lil Tony’s rapping with the synths enhanced his performance by letting the audiences decipher his messaging and phrasing. Lastly, listen to the song above!

Then, for his mixtape, 2 Sides 2 Every Story, has surpassed over 5 million total streams with featured popular songs like ‘Canoozled’, ‘Swag’, and ‘Times Table’. For instance, with ‘Canoozled’, its music video has over 900 thousand views. According to Pitchfork Media, it was named, ‘the must-hear rap song of the day.” Finally, listen to the 20 song mixtape here!

About Lil Tony

Lil Tony is a 19-year-old rapper who began his start in Atlanta’s Westside. Before he settled into music, Tony and his family moved frequently around Atlanta during his childhood. Furthermore, in his earliest songs, it is implied that he gained adaptability from the constant shifting. His mixtape, 2 Sides 2 Every Story, embodies his journey as a rapper and showcase a hard-won perspective from Lil Tony. Each song he has written has a specific emotion that he has felt or experienced. Overall, it gives listeners a dynamic listening experience. For example, songs like dropping the listener into a mounting state of dread (‘Gun Smoke”) to taking a moment to get contemplative (“Boyz in the Hood”). Lil Tony is establishing himself in the rap world.

“I’ve been living like a rapper my whole life,” Lil Tony said.

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