Influencers At Award Shows: A Hot Take

Influencers At Award Shows: A Hot Take

Social media influencers have taken the pop culture world by storm in the last few years, but their presence has since been moving beyond just our feeds. 

TikTok and Instagram influencers have been making their debuts at some of Hollywood’s biggest events like red carpet movie premieres, the Grammy’s, and most recently, the People’s Choice Awards. 

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However, some believe that the social media crowd is not the kind of celebrity that should be invited to these famous events. A video was taken of Billie Eilish at the People’s Choice Awards on February 18, where she attempted to cover her mouth from the cameras while talking to Kylie Minogue. Unfortunately for Billie, the audio picked up everything and, according to the viral video, she said “There’s some like… TikTokers here,” as she pointed behind her.

The drama ensued quickly after the video circulated online, with none other than one of TikTok’s biggest names, Bryce Hall. He was present at the award show and quickly took to his own TikTok account to air his grievances with Billie’s comment. 

In his video, Bryce used his classic dry humor to address the situation, directly speaking to Billie at certain points. “First off, Billie Eilish, I am so sorry that I didn’t acknowledge your greatness and bow down to you being another human being…” said Bryce. “But the most sad thing…lemme just wipe my tear real quick. The most sad thing is I was a Billie Eilish stan. I stanned you, Billie Eilish. And now I don’t think I can renegade to any of your songs anymore. So thanks for taking out all my content.”

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He also briefly acknowledged that they were invited by People’s Choice and that if she or anyone else has a problem with it, the hate should be directed towards them, not the TikTok stars themselves. 

Billie has since not responded to Bryce’s video but the viewer reactions were varied. Comments questioning “why is Bryce even famous” and defending Billie as “she makes hit records” were on one side of the debate, in agreement with Billie’s confusion. In contrast, many followers understand that Bryce Hall is known for making controversial, satirical videos, and are not taking this as an “attack” on the pop star. 

Oh, what drama! What are your thoughts on this little feud? Let us know if you’re team Billie or team Bryce in the comments below. 

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