Joshua Bassett Releases Three New Songs

Joshua Bassett Releases Three New Songs

Joshua Bassett By Luke Rogers

On Friday, December 3rd, Joshua Bassett released three new tracks. The High School Musical: The Musical: The Series star talks about his life in the past year. The three tracks are, “Crisis,” “Secret.” And “Set Me Free.” In this new series of songs Bassett also sings about a past relationship. The singer also made sure to provide each track with a music video.

Track 1: “Crisis”

In an interview with GQ Bassett revealed the first new track, “Crisis” is about all “the crazy PR over the year.” During this track, Bassett attempts to correct the truth about his past relationship. He also tries to shed light on the fact that he too, was going through a tough time. In the pre-chorus, he sings, “And if you get to tell your truth, the so do I/And it’s cool if you want me to play the bad guy.” Following that in the chorus he sings,

 “Messin’ with my life as a career move/I can’t help but wonder why you won’t make it end/Guess you would never dare/You would never dare to waste a crisis.” 

The singer announced that 100% of earnings from “Crisis” will be donated to mental health organizations.

Track 2: “Secret”

“Secret,” is a more daring track as Bassett sings about a love interest that went wrong. In the first verse, he sings, “My friends all warned me I should run for the hills/But I defended you still.” Things start to heat up as he sings,

“I really hope you had your fun, good for you foolin’ everyone/You had me tricked for sixteen months/Oh, your smoke and mirrors had me hypnotized” in the second verse.

Track 3: “Set Me Free”

The third and final track “Set Me Free,” is the perfect end to this trilogy. During this track, Bassett looks to make amends and leave the drama behind. In the first verse, he sings, “I don’t wanna be rude or on the defensive/But I’ve been goin’ through it, too.” Next, in the chorus Bassett sings,

“You don’t get to take all of me (Set me free)/And I don’t need your apology (Let me be)/I don’t recognize you, not anymore/You’re not the love that I fell for/You don’t get to take all of me (Set me free).” 

The chorus is all about the freedom the singer wants from all drama and his past love. As the song is towards its end, the bridge, an appealing and beautiful contrast to the rest of the song, takes place. During the bridge, Bassett sings,

“And I hope you know that I still care about you, darlin/I won’t ever let you hurt me how you hurt me/Again, ever again.” 

For one final time after that, the chorus is sung, and the song ends.

“Crisis / Secret / Set Me Free” By Joshua Bassett

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