Jon Wiilde Releases ‘High More Often’ EP

Jon Wiilde Releases ‘High More Often’ EP

Get your Independence Day BBQ playlists ready! Today, Sacramento-born artist, singer-songwriter, and multi-instrumentalist Jon Wiilde has released his masterful ‘High More Often’ EP, which includes a seasonally appropriate focus track, “Not Another Summer Jam”.

‘High More Often’ is Wiilde’s first real swing of the bat in a few years. When asked what inspired this body of work, he mused, “it’s called High More Often because I’ve been high more often.” That dichotomy of perspective has enabled Jon to explore sonic boundaries that touch on pop, psychedelic rock, golden era hip-hop, and even a splash of funk. All while maintaining a sense of self throughout and being true to root.

“This feels like an introduction to the world” he says. “Like the start of something. I don’t feel like I fit comfortably into one genre or box and always have trouble answering the question ‘what kind of music do you make?’ I just answer with ‘good music I hope.’ And that’s what I feel the music is here to do. It’s an encompassment of life. Life isn’t one mood or energy. It isn’t all tears or all laughs. It’s this wonderful harmony of it all, and when we accept it, we get to be vulnerable and confident in it all at the same time. We’re figuring it out and having fun on the ride. And I’m here for the fuckin’ ride man. Much Love.”

Wiilde, known for his captivating videos, consistently raised the bar with each new single released this year. He began with the powerful anthem Quit Your Job capturing the spirit of the great resignation. Following that, he delivered a cinematic masterpiece titled Carry On,” featuring a hilariously retro buddy cop themed music video. Wiilde’s described his third release, This Is War,” as a record that sonically sits somewhere between dancing and crying at the same time… “Like if Tame Impala gave you a little Molly (but not too much) and sent you to the dance floor.” The accompanying video maintained his 1970s aesthetic while portraying an eerily deserted SoCal town as the backdrop.

He continues his trend of entertaining videos with “Not Another Summer Jam”. With production from Doja Cat collaborator and producer Tizhimself alongside MYBOYROACH, ‘Not Another Summer Jam’ is a fun sing-a-long vibe reminiscent of the mid-2000’s. The video evokes the essence of the song, with a nod to black comedy adventure film ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas’.. “The benefit of being jobless is you get to do whatever you want. Whenever you want. Smoke weed, hang with your lover, enjoy the summer. Have fun. Jam out. Be a human being,” explains Jon Wiilde. See our coverage here of Jon Wiilde’s amazing journey.

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