International DJ, DJ Rosegold Share “Passion”

International DJ, DJ Rosegold Share “Passion”

International DJ, DJ Rosegold, is teaming up with Canadian R&B artist Savannah Ré and Los Angeles singer and songwriter, Fana Hues to release their newest R&B single “Passion.” With its Caribbean-inspired vibe and soulful vocals, this infectious track will get you moving.

Dahlia Palmer aka “DJ Rosegold” is named one of “Canada’s Most Requested” DJs. Having DJ’d internationally for some of the world’s most notable brands and celebrities including Saweetie, Chlöe, Cardi B, President Barack Obama, etc., Rosegold continues to impress audiences worldwide of all demographics. In 2021, DJ Rosegold became one of the first female DJs to produce an entire EP “Rosegold University: Homecoming” which was released in January 2021 and in 2023, she showcased her talents at SXSW where she caught Chloe Bailey’s eye and later joined her for her first national tour as a single artist.

“Crafting my debut single was a dream come true – an incredible journey of creativity, collaboration, and passion,” says DJ Rosegold. “I had the honor of touring with Savannah Ré in 2018 and opened for Fana Hues’ sold-out show in Los Angeles this year so it’s truly a full-circle moment. From concept to rollout, every creative nuance is a piece of my heart that brings you into the Rosegold University universe. I can’t wait for the world to groove to the joy and energy we’ve poured into this music. This is just the beginning.”

DJ Rosegold is proving herself to be a super producer with her latest single “Passion.” In “Passion” DJ Rosegold collaborates with Canadian songstress Savannah Re, as she shares her story about knowing how ultimately a rollercoaster relationship must end, but first “Passion.” 

According to Savannah Re, “The creation process was very organic and meticulous, I actually re-cut my verse a couple of times until it was right. Fana and Rose were amazing to work with, it was great being in such good company.”

“Passion” speaks on accountability and being able to realize when a relationship is not meant to be and allowing oneself to just enjoy the moment with the understanding that you must move on afterward. An ended relationship does not have always to end due to lack of love but due to two people not bringing out the best in each other. “Passion” has a relatable message that makes it a classic and a Caribbean undertone that allows it to transcend genres. Listeners will drift away to the tropical beats DJ Rosegold curated and smooth vocals in “Passion” as Savannah Ré harmonizes with Fana Hues. 

“Rosegold gave me an opportunity to step into a new sonic arena with “Passion” and stretch my legs in a way I haven’t before,” says singer and songwriter Fana Hues. “I’m very happy to have the company I do on this record with Savannah Re, Rosegold and all the talented individuals who put so much of themselves into “Passion.” 

“Passion” is produced by DJ Rosegold, Chillaa and CVRE; engineered by Flower and YogiTheProducer; mixed and mastered by Kasey Phillips from Precision Productions; and additional writing by R&B singer and writer Ambré. 

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