FLETCHER and Hayley Kiyoko Release Sweet Single ‘Cherry’

FLETCHER and Hayley Kiyoko Release Sweet Single ‘Cherry’

Photo By FLETCHER, @findingxfletcher

Singer/songwriter FLETCHER, also known as Cari, and Hayley Kiyoko have collaborated on a new single “Cherry.” This flirtatious new single comes after FLETCHER’s previous single “girls girls girls.” “Girls girl girls” is a single that reclaims Katy Perry’s “I Kissed a Girl.” These two are the newest dream team and I’m here for it! This track was written by FLETCHER, Hayley, and Mary Weitz (Normani, Remi Wolf). One of the grooviest songs of the year has arrived.

FLETCHER and Kiyoko Discuss “Cherry”

In press release FLETCHER said, 

“‘Cherry’” is the prequel to my most recent single ‘girls girls girls.’ It’s the curiosity you have about someone before you’re intimate with them and kind of wondering what it would be like. When I was creating it, I couldn’t get the idea out of my head of having Hayley Kiyoko on it. We then went into the studio together and made it a million times better. It’s a moment for the girls, gays, and theys.”

Additionally, Hayley Kiyoko mentioned that she “had such a blast working on ‘Cherry’ with FLETCHER. This playful song is the perfect song to blast in your car while on a drive. FLETCHER first teased the release of the song on her TikTok page. The TikTok was captioned “comment if we should drop this?? right answers only,” follow by the cherry emoji. On November 2, FLETCHER said, “So I made a song with someone,” and then Hayley Kiyoko steps into the frame. Not only did they make a song, they made a catchy one. As soon as you listen to this song you will not be able to get it out of your head.


comment if we should drop this?? right answers only 🍒 @hayleykiyoko #cherry #wlw

♬ original sound – FLETCHER
TikTok By FLETCHER, @fletcher

This is the perfect collaboration for many reasons. Both singers express their true selves and own it while doing so. The two are becoming role models for LGTBQ+ people around the world. Not only that, but they also help those in the LGTBQ+ community trying to make a name for themselves in the music world. As we dive into the chorus, the two sing, 

“Cherry/Hello, nice to meet you, my name’s Cari/We should Rendez-vous sometime/mon cheri/I want you on top of me like/ cherry (like cherry)/Uh-uh, cherry/uh-uh”

This playful bop is perfect song to close out the year with. If you haven’t yet, get in your car, go for a drive and blast the fun song, “Cherry!”

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