22-Year-old Felicity Vanderveen, better known as FEVILAND, is making history in the up-and-coming music world. The multi-faceted Australian producer, multi-instrumentalist, and singer’s music are distinctive yet familiar. Her songs are succinct in their similarities with other indie artists, but the singer adds her own flares of soul and trip-hop. Her music is introspective and is there for you in dark moments but is also there for you to chant when you get over your ex. She is able to so perfectly blend emotionally intimate music with unique lyrics. FEVILAND’s genre-fused DIY sound pairs dreaminess with sophisticated lyrics. She has performed alongside other artists such as Tora, Odette, Tyne- James Organ, Golden Vessel, and CLEA to name a few. She has proved herself to be on the rise in a world needing lyrics to put you in your feels, and she is not an artist you want to miss.


Versatile DIY Music

FEVILAND’S music makes space for definable moments. She has released a total of 10 EPs and singles, and while they each follow suit of the singer’s core themes, each release captures a different theme. The singer has proved her ability to create organic, pop-tinged music and lay shadowy and warm depths below them. FEVILAND’s most recent 2020 EP, Nerve, shows just the same thing. The EP is the singer’s most true to herself release yet. She was able to exceed creative horizons as she made lyrics for those inexpressible moments in life where all you need is a song to speak for you. The EP represents the relatable insecurities that form in new relationships; waking up one day feeling certain and the next day feeling uncertain. She conveys the inevitable ebbs and flows of navigating your feelings.  If you like King Princess, Maggie Rogers, or HAIM, you will fall in love with FEVILAND.


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