Cordae Drops 2-Track Pack For Fans

Cordae Drops 2-Track Pack For Fans

Image via Cordae(@Cordae) on Instagram

Maryland rapper Cordae released 2 songs titled “Unacceptable” and “So With That” 7 months after his sophomore album release. It follows another track he released 2 weeks ago titled “Multi-Platinum”. He also dropped a music video for “So With That”. In the music video, it depicts a struggling relationship, which goes along with the lyrics of the song. In “So With That” he raps about his flaws that added stress to the already problematic relationship. He goes on to say that he’ll make the struggle worth it and that his significant other still wants to stick around.

Watch the music video for “So With That” here:

His last project, “From A Bird’s Eye View”, was filled with high profile names like Lil Wayne and H.E.R. alongside many others. Cordae announced that new music is on the way. With a track titled “Ego” reportedly coming out soon, it looks as though Cordae wants to give his fans more music. However, it is yet to be seen if another album is in the works.

With his Europe tour coming up, it could also be an attempt to get more songs out for his fans to listen to live. His first tour date is on September 27th in Belfast and ends on October 19th in Zürich. He’ll also perform in other big cities like London, Paris Amsterdam and Berlin. While the project may not have received the same reception as his freshman album “The Lost Boy”, it still performed well.

Cordae is also coming off of performing at Lollapalooza. His performance garnered attention because of his facial hair, with the rapper coming on with mutton chops attached to his face. He would later remove the prop beard at the end of his set. It’s been quite interesting to keep up with Cordae and time will tell what’s next for the DMV native.

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