Capella Grey, A “Gyalis” Summer


Capella Grey, A “Gyalis” Summer


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  Capella Grey, a rising Bronx artist, is causing a stir in the music world. He’s ready for what’s to come with his most sizzling record of the mid-year, “Gyalis”. Uptown is getting a lot of attention, thanks to Capella Grey. He began his career as a writer and producer at a young age, having exposure to various musical styles. His passion for music allowed him to express himself and empathize with others. In an interview with Vice, Grey mentioned that he started playing instruments in church. Such as the organ, drums, bass, piano, and guitar. He’s a self-taught musician who loves the energy in hip-hop and heavy drums. 

Around the age of five or six, he got into production, and from there, he knew he was going places. Last year he decided that he will become an artist himself after being behind the scenes for so long. Through COVID, he was able to access the studio and put together his album, The QuaranTape Vibe 1. Grey sat down with On the Radar Radio with Gabe and mentioned that he had good and bad experiences when writing songs and getting credit. However, now he puts out his stuff and does not worry about anybody.

A “Gyalis” Summer

In his new single Gyalis,” that has the baseline of Juevenille’s “Back that Azz Up” with no hook, no verse or bridge with a Caribbean vibe but still with his beat. In shock that “Gyalis” was taking over and became the “it” song for the summer and named Power 105.1 “the song of the summer”. His music made it to Power 105.1 top 7 songs of the week and recently played. With the summer’s hottest song, he was put on a lot of artist radar, mainly Jamaican reggae-dancehall singer, Kranium.  “Gyalis” is on all streaming services.


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