Breathe By Josh X Single Review

Breathe By Josh X Single Review

The Haitian-American R&B virtuoso, Josh X, has returned with his latest single, “Breathe” from the same-titled album in 2024! “Breathe” by Josh X is a new venture for the esteemed artist because his signature vocal prowess and a mix of melodic, soulful influences transports listeners to experience his thoughts on his emotional journey! Lastly, check out the single below!

Breathe Single Review

Josh X is following the current R8B trend: mixing Afrobeat instrumentals and traditional R&B elements. It is very intriguing that with the introduction of Tyla and Burna Boy in the American music industry, their blend of Amapiano (South African house genre) and Afrobeats (a fusion music genre from Nigeria) has merged with rhythm and blues. Nevertheless, Josh X embodied both elements to create this single for audiences to enjoy!

First of all, the vibe of the song is emulating golden hour in the summertime on an island on vacation (that can be a Spotify playlist fyi). Josh X’s breathy vocals create a sense of tranquility and the motify of the drums helps listeners listen to what Josh X is singing about. Now, the song is about love and longing for someone. In this composition, he is expressing that he wants a deep connection with his partner, emphasizing that he will always be there for them. Hence, why his partner should “breathe” and relax because he’s not going anywhere!

According to Josh X, he said that his “creative side often delves into the intricacies of human connection, expressing the nuances and emotions associated with love in its various forms.” In addition, when he was writing this single, it came naturally to him as if he used his experiences or musical influences to create this masterfully produced single.

About Josh X

Josh X originated from Brooklyn, New York and he has been on a roll since his debut single, “All For Love” featuring Jadakiss in 2015. He has been recognized by Cardi B, Rick Ross, and Bulgarian singer Andrea. He is best known for his 2017 single with Cardi B called, “Heaven On My Mind”. Check out the single below!

Another single that he is known for is “Love Takes Me Higher” from 2023, which landed him the number five spot on the Billboard Adult R&B Airplay Charts! For more of his content and releases, check out his Youtube, Spotify, and Instagram to stay updated with his work!

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