Boston Native Avery Lynch Releases Her Newest EP

Behind "When It Ends"

Boston Native Avery Lynch Releases Her Newest EP

Photo courtesy of Avery Lynch By Steph Larson

Avery Lynch is a Boston native who attended Berklee College of Music. Lynch has made a name for herself in the TikTok world. She is well on her way to making a name for herself outside of TikTok because of her angelic voice and beautiful lyrics. Lynch is a singer and a songwriter noticed for creating a snippet of a song with a similar layout to Alessia Cara’s “Out of Love.”  

Lynch creates snippets of songs based on her fan’s comments. The comment of one fan turned into the singer releasing a single, “Out of Love with You.” The TikTok to Lynch’s spin on “Out of Love” now has 765.8 thousand views. Her views have only grown since that post in the summer of 2020. Since then, Lynch has put out two singles along with two EPs. Her two singles, “Sh*t People” and “Round & Round” are on her newest EP.  

Behind When It Ends

The singer’s newest EP titled When It Ends, consists of 6 tracks. When it Ends is about all the relationships in Lynch’s life, both the ending and beginning ones. In an Instagram post, Lynch says. “The flowers on my face and in my hands are meant to represent, as morbid as it may be a funeral for those endings.” The first track on the EP, “Sh*t People” is about being stuck with people who do not value your time or presence. Lynch sings about how she is too forgiving, and she is done with giving second chances.  

The artists’ single “Round and Round” is the third track on her EP. As you listen to “Round and Round” you will hear the melodious sounds along with captivating lyrics. Lynch sings

"You're the prettiest mistake I'll ever let myself make/ Yea you're the person I most hate, but I can't let get away/ You take me/ Round & round & round/ And I/ Don't think I/  Wanna get down.” 

Features on the EP

There is one feature on this EP, on the final track also titled “When It Ends.” French singer Jordy Lemoine, also known as JORDY, features on that last track. The two artists harmonize beautifully in a song about saying what is on your mind because “it’s worth it” the two sing.

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