Artist Euro Releases His Latest Single “Egg & Cheese”

Artist Euro Releases His Latest Single “Egg & Cheese”

With this being Euro Solomon 3rd single in 3 months , his new release “Egg & Cheese” feat.  CHACKA will be the 2nd time these two artist hook up for a unique track , the combination of raw energy and wordplay from Euro and Chacka’s lyrics and flow delivery in Spanish keeps both artists originality to the table brings a new flavor to the meaning of collaboration.


Euro says in a statement about the new single of “Egg & Cheese”, “This track came together so organically , Myself and CHACKA have a history outside of music dating back many years , even at a point in time we lived together, our connection grew when CHACKA was ended up having to serve time , we would write to each other to both keep our heads above water because he was going through what he was going through and at the time I had my personal situations that were a major stress weight on my shoulders and like Brothers we would talk all the time about how much God has a big plan for us with our talents and voice , and how when he came that we was going to hit the studio and continue to apply the pressure …., and that’s what we did . The result being Multiple records being recorded including “EGG & CHEESE” “

“EGG & CHEESE” came from  a “New York Thing , 

  • Both Artists From NY 
  • CHACKA from the Bronx 
  • Euro Solomon from BROOKLYN 

Also, check out more music from Euro below:

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