Smokeprupp Drops “Anti” Capsule

Smokeprupp Drops “Anti” Capsule

Smokeprupp drops “Anti” a three-song capsule. Prupp’s new release of 2023, in an experimental format. Now, the “Anti” capsule is a high-energy follow-up to “Shoot First” released in November. Also, “Shoot First” was Purpp’s first new single as a lead artist since 2021’s “Not Your Speed” ft. Lil Gnar. “Anti” is a collection of short-form bursts that follow Prupp’s radical style. 

To start, the capsule, “Draco” offers sirenic synths and subsonic bass together with Prupp’s clipped cadences. Next, “Chop Off The Top” fully embraces the euphoric “rage” sound, as Purpp skates atop Supah Mario’s carnivalesque synths with easygoing melodies. Lastly, “Out My Body,” features snarling over DSC Sunny & Bido production with hedonistic fervor.


“Anti” is lackluster in substance, the production carries more than the lyrics. The theme of the majority of the songs is women, drugs, money, and rage. Prupp’s strongest delivery is on “Out My Body” and the best-sounding melodic is “Chop Off The Top”. I would suggest listening to the capsule while working out or adding it to your pregame playlist. Another suggestion would be to listen in this order “Out My Body”, “Chop Off The Top”, and “Draco”. 

Smokeprupp falls in the category of artists like Rich The Kid, Lil Skies, and Lil Pump. So, if you are already familiar with this class of artists or you are just discovering a new vibe “Anti” is bold, chaotic, and grimy.

What’s Next For Smokeprupp?

Prupp has been collaborating with the likes of Masked Wolf, Rarri, and Mike Stone. Purpp is hard at work on more “capsules” and a new project, his first since Psycho (Legally Insane) EP. Also, his first full-length since the ferocious 2020 mixtape Florida Jit. 

Stay tuned for much more from the iconoclastic artist as the year moves on. Including, a performance at the inaugural Rolling Loud Thailand in April.

Anti tracklist:

  1. Draco (Prod. by Gesco & Klokez)
  2. Chop Off The Top (Prod. by Supah Mario)
  3. Out My Body (Prod. by DSC Sunny & Bido)

Feature image provided by: Aoty

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