Anna Sofia Releases Her New Single “Surround Me”

Anna Sofia Releases Her New Single “Surround Me”

Certain songs have to unique ability to make listeners close their eyes and let the song take over them. Singer-songwriter Anna Sofia has curated this type of track with her new single “Surround Me”.

Shot By Jean-Francis Suave

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From the first seconds of the song, the slow piano melody mixed with Sofia’s angelic voice snatches the listener’s attention. Once the background violin comes in, the song’s heavenly aura becomes more noticeable. 

Sofia speaks about the loss of a loved one. However, instead of grieving the person, she speaks about the spiritual world that she believes her loved one went to. She questions how the loved one represents themselves in her reality. Sofia wants the late beloved to continue to show itself to help her heal from the loss.

“Are you dancing in the air around me? Are you playing with my hair while I sleep? Whatever they say it doesn’t matter, leave your trace like rings of Saturn surround me surround me.” 

Anna Sofia Speaks About “Surround Me”

Sofia spoke about her deep dive into the spiritual world on the track. “‘Surround Me’…. talks about our relationship with the spiritual world,” said Sofia. “I am a firm believer that our two worlds collide and I wanted to express the way I see them working together.”

Shot By Jean-Francis Suav

It is clear that the loss had a huge impact on Sofia and changed her forever. Many artists use music as a coping mechanism and express their struggles in their songs and Sofia does this on “Surround Me”.

“My goal with “Surround Me” is to share the way I deal with the loss of a loved one,” said Sofia. “I used to be very negative towards the topic which is understandable, but this song really highlights my effort to find the little signs that indicate that the spirit is still present with me like before. This song has helped me cope with some of the deaths I have experienced.” 

“Surround Me” is Sofia’s second single this year. You can watch the music video for the song here.

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