7 Things You Missed from Olivia Rodrigo’s “Sour Prom”

7 Things You Missed from Olivia Rodrigo’s “Sour Prom”


It’s no surprise that High School Musical: The Musical: The Series star Olivia Rodrigo had an unconventional senior year of high school. After releasing her hit single “Drivers License” in January of 2021 she became an overnight legend, reaching number one on the Billboard Global chart and surpassing 130 million streams, the highest weekly total for a female artist. 

After the success of her debut single, Rodrigo released her critically acclaimed debut studio album Sour. She celebrated the album and commemorated the senior prom she never had with fans and friends alike at a YouTube streamed concert film, “Sour Prom.”

1. She found inspiration for the idea on Pinterest.

Rodrigo, who just graduated from high school, was homeschooled and did not get to attend a formal senior prom. She also did not get to go on tour with “Sour” after its release.

 “We knew we wanted to film some sort of like concert-y type thing because Sour obviously came out in the middle of COVID so I couldn’t tour,” Rodrigo said in a behind-the-scenes video.

But when she was scrolling on Pinterest one day, she saw pictures of prom, which planted the seed for her concert film.

(Photo courtesy of @oliviarodrigo on Instagram)

2. She wore a similar prom dress to her mom.

After the release of “Sour Prom,” Rodrigo posted a photo of her mom in a shiny blue dress similar to her own on her Instagram story. “After filming SOUR prom I also found out my mom wore this dress to her prom in the 80s and rode there in a white limo,” she said. “Life is crazy lol I love her.”

3. Steve Berman made a cameo appearance.

The vice chairman of Rodrigo’s record label Interscope Records and the namesake of Eminem’s song Steve Berman played the limousine driver in the “Sour Prom” film. When Rodrigo gets in the limo, she casually greets him, saying “Hey Berman!” He even had a nametag with the nickname “Berman” on it.

4. The limo had a magnet with a lyric from “Drivers License.”

When the limo pulled away, the camera focused on the back of the car, which had a magnet with the “Drivers License” lyric “driving home to you.”

(Photo courtesy of @oliviarodrigo on Instagram)

5. Rodrigo’s friends made appearances. 

Rodrigo’s friends Conan Gray, Iris Apatow, Madison Hu, and Lydia Night were featured at the beginning and end of the video. She posted photos with them on her Instagram after the premiere. “Huge thanks to everyone who made this happen and my bestiez for being in it with me,” she said. 

6. The cheerleaders paid homage to the “Good 4 U” music video. 

At the end of the concert film, Rodrigo performed her hit song “Good 4 U” with a full drumline and cheerleaders. The performers wore cheerleading outfits with the similar light blue and white colors featured in her “Good 4 U” music video.

7. She mimicked her album cover by sticking her tongue out at the end of the concert.

In the final frame of the concert film, Rodrigo walks away, arm in arm with her friends. She turns toward the camera and sticks her tongue out, likely a nod to her Sour album cover.

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