21 Savage and Metro Boomin Announce ‘Savage Mode 2’ Will Drop This Friday

Get ready for “Savage Mode 2,” the highly anticipated album crafted by rapper 21 Savage and producer Metro Boomin is set to release this Friday, Oct. 2. The duo surprised fans when the album was announced on their separate Youtube channels in the midst of Monday night.

The special announcement came in the form of an album trailer which was directed by Gibson Hazard, and narrated by Academy Award winning actor Morgan Freeman. In the video, Freeman states the definition of “Savage Mode.” “‘Savage’ is defined as fierce, beastly and untamed,” he said. “‘Mode’ is defined as the way of operating or using the system. So to be in savage mode, is to go hard not allowing anything to stop or deter you from your mission. Basically this means when someone is in savage mode, they’re not to be f—ed with.”

Photo: stereogum.com

“Savage Mode 2” is the follow-up album from 21 Savage and Metro Boomin’s 2016 EP titled “Savage Mode” which is certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA). The iconic EP brought a darker and innovative sound to rap music, and is home to platinum hit tracks such as “No Heart” and “X” featuring Future which is double platinum.

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In 2016, 21 Savage hinted at the upcoming project in an interview with The Fader. He revealed that he has 20-30 unreleased tracks with Metro Boomin that may be released on “Savage Mode 2.”

Ever since the revelation, the upcoming album has been teased by the duo and has suffered delays. Earlier this year, after being questioned by fans on the album’s release date, 21 Savage responded in an Instagram live stressing the need for perfection. “You know I gotta perfect my s—,” he said. “This s— take time. I be putting a lot of hard work into my s—. I ain’t finna drop anything. My s— gotta be hard. So it’s gonna take me a little bit longer.”

Check out the album trailer above.


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21 Savage and Metro Boomin Announce ‘Savage Mode 2’ Will Drop This Friday