June 14th 2017 – 6pm Esquire and 7pm TRNK

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6 pm:

Sometimes a Public Relations Team,  just want their audience to have and enjoy their-self’s.  It was not the first time I attended an event where there was no clear collection or the ability to actual see the collection not so easy.  As I exchanged a drink with Editor of Esquire ( J.Evans) ; he told me “what is wrong with creating a mood and atmosphere for viewers of the magazine to come and take a load off and than combine this down time with  two of the magazine favorite brands Jim Bean Black  and Lord and Taylor. Sometimes fashion is more than clothes and the razzle and dazzle. I am a strong believer that fashion is all about creating a feel. One thing people will remember more than a collection is the open bar if nothing else.







7 pm:

The second event for the evening was the TRNK Collection event. I will say it hard to review a furniture collection, when everyone is on it. But, I could not stop thinking what a happy home I would have with these pieces and art works in my small NYC over priced studio.


FullSizeRender FullSizeRender_1 FullSizeRender_2

Trnk wants their client’s home to be  approachable and masculine. The over all idea of this studio/collection was a contemporary home, rich with contrast and character.  By creating a studio showroom that looks like your best friend’s living room with a good cheese and bread platter ( and yes there was a cheese and bread platter at the event). Trnk pulled off the above idea and feel.


collection_header_image FullSizeRender



“The home should be an expression of self. It should be a reflection of our tastes, hobbies and travels. A place to form fond memories with friends,  and lastly the best place to unwind after long day’s work.”


IMG_6497 thr



However making people feel good goes a long way is what I believe. It goes to that Maya Angelo poem: People may forget what they see and or what you told them, but people will always remember how you made them feel.





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June 14th 2017 –  6pm Esquire and 7pm TRNK