London Fashion Week’s Men: Barbour International SS18

London Fashion Week’s Men: Barbour International SS18

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“We wanted to deliver an experience that gives everyone a strong sense of Barbour International’s style, authenticity and heritage since 1936, as well as celebrating the brand’s modern day success and looking forward to its global growth for the future. With a heritage and history of over 80 years, Barbour International has evolved and grown into the brand it is today with its own lifestyle, attitude, brand personality and customer base.” – Paul Wilkinson, Global Marketing Director





Barbour International opened up London Fashion Week Men’s. Marking the beginning of the fifth anniversary of  menswear showcase. Barbour is a brand that manages to celebrate its rich history  with continuing to look forward and be contemporary season after season. The Barbour International SS18 collection was no different.


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The showcase incorporated Barbour’s long and rich motorcycle heritage. From the quotes of founder Duncan Barbour and photographs projected on the walls, to vintage, wrinkled T-shirts hanged from the ceiling, Barbour International took us on a journey back to 1936.


Set against the backdrop of an overarching ‘Barbour International Garage’ theme, eight looks from Barbour International’s SS18 collection were previewed, including pieces from‘Originals’, a collection that profiles some of the most iconic and rugged Barbour International pieces, and ‘Sport’, a more relaxed, sleek collection that nods to the ever- strong athleisure trend.




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The whole event was broadcast live on the brand’s standalone Facebook page via Facebook Live, and guests were encouraged to share their experience on social media using the hashtag #BarbourInternational.






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