Fashion Illustrators: Danielle Meder and Samantha Hahn

Fashion Illustrators: Danielle Meder and Samantha Hahn


Welcome to Fashion Illustrator Friday! Since the global rise in social media, I have noticed so many rising illustrators on Instagram. Fashion Illustration is truly the intersection of fashion and art. Up and coming illustrators do not get enough recognition for their talents. It is really important for rising artists to be commended for their work. There are so many famous fashion illustrators but a lot of the time they have a classic style. These new illustrators are new and innovative, they aren’t afraid to try new things.

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After attending NYFW, I noticed arise in live runway sketching. At the Son Jung Wan show I met Danielle Meder. I quickly noticed her because she had a pad of paper, a brush, and a watercolor tray. After the show I got to speak with her about her drawings. Her drawings were so bold and loose. Her use of watercolor is absolutely immaculate, with her quick brush strokes she is able to capture the perfect essence of a silhouette. Being an illustrator she gets to travel and go to many different fashion shows. Even though she gets a lot of show and commissions she expressed to me how tough it is still to be an illustrator. Although being an artist seems glamorous, being up and coming is really tough, sometimes income is just not enough to sustain living expenses.


As an accomplished artist Danielle is very lucky to have an amazing book out called “ Draw Fashion Now”. As a fellow designer and fashion illustrator myself I was so happy to met her and see her living her dreams.

Danielle Meder: instagram: @finalfashionartist


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Fashion illustrator Samantha Hahn she is such a talent. She does live runway sketching at fashion shows as well. Success is never easy as a artist, but she her artwork can speak for itself. Her watercolor drawings are like a breath of fresh air. All of her drawings are so sophisticated yet they are still loose. Her signature is her beautiful brush strokes and striking line quality. She always puts the designer and the season next to her illustrations which I love, you never have to guess who or what she is drawing.


After discovering her work a year ago, I have always felt really connected to Samantha Hahn because she has this elegant line quality that I just have not seen before. She is able to lay down a brush to paper and just go. That has always been my favorite way to illustrate just taking a brush to a pad. Seeing her illustrations was one of the first times I ever felt connected to another artist because we share a similar style.

I encourage everyone to check out their social media and look at their art.

Samantha Hahn: instagram @samanthajhahn


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