‘Brainwashed’ at Taglialatella Galleries

‘Brainwashed’ at Taglialatella Galleries

One of my favorite things about New York City is being able to walk down a quiet street and then with just the turn of a corner arrive at a party. This weekend, exactly that happened. After having lunch in the heart of Chelsea, a friend and I decided it was best to walk off our food coma. What we walked right into was Taglialatella Galleries, which had some really incredible pieces from Mr. Brainwash, unveiling his latest piece “Chelsea Express.”

For those who are new to the art scene, Mr. Brainwash is well-known street style artist, adding mystery not only to his real identity but his work as well. (Check out the Banksy-directed, documentary on him, ‘Exit Through the Gift Shop’.) The exhibit had two floors of really incredible huge original works by the artist, inspired by New York, Celebrities, and Stella Artois beer.

With a lot of different mediums for his artwork like glass, vinyl, wood, metal, and mixed media painting it was a great place to get lost and get your creative juices flowing. The staff  at Taglialatella Galleries was very knowledgeable and even shared some insider stories about certain pieces.

Be sure to visit the Brainwashed exhibition during its last week, on view until Sunday, October 16th.


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