Artsy New York Subway Stations

Artsy New York Subway Stations

Walking around New York City, it would be impossible not to stumble across art. From art vendors on the sidewalks, to graffiti, and countless museums, it could be agreed that NYC is filled with talent.

Many are unaware that some subway stations are designed to match the neighborhood they are located in, resulting in some of the most creative features of this city being underground.

191st Street Station

This tunnel that connects Broadway and the station is a mixture of old New York with modern times. Back in the 70s and 80s, it was frequent to see subway carts and stations covered in graffiti. This station pays homage to those times, leading us into a   fresh take, with inspirational messages and funky designs created by local graffiti artists.

81st Street-Museum of Natural History

Source: Untapped Cities

The staircase leading into the station is filled with vibrant tile mosaics. Above is the mosaic about oceans, fitting to the station’s proximity to a museum dedicated to nature! Animal motifs run wild throughout the walls of its interior.

86th Street-Second Avenue

Photo: Hyperallergic

A relatively new station, the 86th St walls are lined with the work of artist Chuck Close, who specializes in large, naturalistic portraits. The twelve portraits depict NYC’s diverse artists, some of whom Close is acquainted with.

East 180th Street

This beautiful station house in the Bronx was built in the early 20th century, heavily influenced by Italian Renaissance architecture. The entrance gives a sense of grandeur to the station, an aspect that other stations lost when going underground.

28th Street

The floral glass mosaics bring a brightness to the underground station, highlighting the blooming nearby Madison Square Park. The mosaics are based on drawings by artist Nancy Blum.





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