29 Rooms by Refinery 29

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This weekend, Refinery 29 opened it’s 29 doors for three days to the public for it’s second annual 29 Rooms exhibit. What exactly is this exhibit? Well Refinery 29 describes it best as a “interactive funhouse of style, culture and technology.” Free to the public and full of instagram-able decor, there is no wonder why hundreds of people wrapped around the streets of Bushwick to score a peek.


Upon entering what feels like a warehouse, you are greeted by these words on the walls..”what would you do if every door was open, if daydreaming was your day job, if nothing could get in your way? You’d live stories worth telling. You’d create, make mistakes, reconstruct, dance, paint, give a damn. You’d own your power. Why wait? Shine your light, believe in magic, move and be moved, because this place is powered by -you-. ” Feeling inspired? Then step inside a room! 


Each room was sponsored by a different company, designer or artist to bring a unique and fun experience to each room. Some of the partners included Ford, Fossil, Michael Kors, Papyrus, Perrier, Ulta Beauty and Lady Gaga’s Born This Way Foundation. Each room promoted love, empowerment and unity which leave you feeling better than when you entered. There was a giant ball pit with Nicola Formachetti Panda Balloons, RuPaul Drag inspired wigs to model, photos that record your aura by Radiant Human, and more Instagram worthy rooms to make your friends jealous (or annoyed) for days.


I know I’m already planning on attending next year’s exhibit to see what new exciting things I can experience.





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