An Inside Look into Rising Star Chynna Lewis’ Journey to Fame

An Inside Look into Rising Star Chynna Lewis’ Journey to Fame

Up and coming singer/songwriter Chynna Lewis has hit the ground running in 2022, or should I say hit the ground singing. As she released her EP “What Are Friends For” in February 2022, and has no intention of stopping there. But where did her love for music truly begin you ask?

Lewis grew up in an exceptionally music-oriented household, and vocal expression was a norm. From immediate to extended family, casual singing was apart of the everyday routine. Where morning coffee with a side of vocal warm-ups was highly accepted.

At the age of 10, Chynna journeyed from Taiwan to Canada, which played a significant role on not only who she is today in her everyday life, but who she is as an artist. Moving to Canada initially opened several doors for Chynna as a musician, providing her countless opportunities to explore singing. As the particular career path is typically frowned upon in Taiwan. “In Taiwan, music is seen as a lower tiered art form,” said Chynna.

Post-high school, Lewis took a gap year to explore her own personal likes and dislikes, and possibly find a career path that truly fits her. After her year of insightful thinking, she attended Humber College and received her Bachelors Degree in Contemporary Music.

Chynna released her first single “Mind and Soul” in 2019. Although she has been labeled as a pop artist, Lewis strives to incorporate R&B and Soul accents. Throughout her journey, her sound has been heavily influenced by prominent artists like Emily King. But like any good artist, she lets the final product speak for itself.

“When I’m making music, I try not to think about the genre because I can overthink. I just want to let it be what it is,” said Lewis.

Along with using her voice musically, Chynna also hopes to use her voice in order to advocate for the Asian community, as she strongly believes there is not enough representation of her culture in the media and music industry. Lewis also hopes to become an inspiration to the younger generation, making it known that they can accomplish whatever they set their mind to. “I want to see more people like me represented,” said Chynna.

Chynna’s journey has merely just begun, as she is currently in the midst of writing another single with hopes of releasing it in the Summer of 2022. Fans can also look forward to the launch of her upcoming album Thunder that will release in 2023. To stay up to date on all things Chynna Lewis click here.  For more in Up & Coming music click here.

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