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Travel – literally, and metaphorically – is the inspiration for the pre-spring Ports 1961 collection.


1961, marked the start of the true jet-set, as well travel as a type of leisure pass-time. A pleasure better know as Port 1961.



However, today  Ports 1961  draws influence from the idea of fresh inspirations, and new horizons. The enjoyment of travel is translated to an enjoyment in dressing.


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Shapes are straightforward, graphic and utilitarian – easy trench coats, wide trousers, aloha shirts. They allow the pattern to speak. Colors reflect the rich Caribbean shades, with some  sunbleached gentle pastel. Ready for another journey?


Blending of styles and cultures, with a  new expression in an expansive vacation wardrobe. The woman who travels with everything, but the kitchen sink.



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For PORTS 1961 press Greta Castellari

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