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Samsung & Infatuation Summer Fridays at 837 NYC




Fast casual is still fast food, however these restaurants promise and deliver higher quality foods and settings that other cheaper fast food places do not provide. This event was geared to the move of fast casual especially in social and urban cities.




This panel was assemble by The Infatuation:  The Infatuation  is a website, and mobile app geared to help find the right restaurant to suit ones needs on a particular evening.

“At the end of the day, our mission is very simple: to bring you the most honest and trustworthy opinions on where to eat around the world. And if we can entertain you in the process, even better.” – The Infatuation

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Fast casual is more than fast food. It is about branding your experience when and while you eat at these new and trendy fast casual restaurants.  Food is the new meeting grounds for people to get a meal and ideal hospitality. Fast causal is quick and to some degree affordable; However, the quality is always top standards and never compromised.  This is the future of fast food. Fast causal took what fast food restaurants got wrong and created an environment where people actually wanted and want to hang out at.


We need to change how we eat and how we experience eating.  Fast causal, unlike fast food is really in a nut shell serving what the guest need rather than forcing them to consume low quality and cheap food.



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Apps, was another topic mentioned at this panel discussion  Technology have changed the way we see stuff and apps are a win for restaurants.   Apps can help business expand and to see where the local favorites and communities as well dinner insights. Brands have to be smart on what their brand represent.


People have and developed passion for brands that are general more specific. Fast causal must grow as technology grow as well. Apps also allow business and brands to test items to see how well it is received by the public.




The overall theme and or the reoccurring topic at The Infatuation Summer Fridays was to true to your band and true to who you are. Experience and convenience: it is important to see, understand and respect what people will do with their time. People want an awesome experience for lunch and dinner. There should be a connection between the brand and their audiences. Food is a social thing; no matter if you are eating for ten minutes or 2 hours. Time spent with family and friends makes an emotional connection due to the fact people time and money is important.


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