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Popular Bridal Trends for 2017

The bridal industry is nothing new but it seems that it has definitely gained more attention over the past decade. Before the 21st century there wasn’t much hype surrounding the wedding industry. Now it’s all “omg who is she wearing down the aisle?” or better yet, “how many dresses is she wearing?”

Anyway, being that I’ve worked in the bridal industry now going on 7 years I’ve noticed how much it has evolved in such little time. Enough to even have a week of runway shows and market shows dedicated to it. How cool is that?!

It seems everyone really has the opportunity to make a name for and market themselves in this industry because now it’s become about more than just the dress. Now it’s also really about the accessories, the shoes, the hair, and sometimes even what the groom has on.

Here are some of the major trends in bridal this year, that hopefully leave you wanting to know more about this crazy industry…


2016-10-17 17.00.42

Image by Pronovias Barcelona

Transparent gowns with lace are the “IT” gowns right now. The transparency allows for todays bride to feel modern and sexy while the lace brings back that classic traditional style that most parents wish for their daughters to wear. In my opinion you could never go wrong with lace.

2016-10-17 16.56.49

Image property of Grace Loves Lace

Bolero’s and Build-up’s are pretty common now because most brides choose to go with the modern strapless gown look. However, do to religious ceremonies, family culture and old tradition a lot of brides are opting in for these removable cover-ups so that they can remove them for the reception. They used to be just pieces of plain fabric but now they’re beginning to get some personality to them.

2016-10-17 16.55.33

Image property of Jimmy Choo

Now to the best part…shoes! A girls gotta have her shoes! I’d say probably the most sold bridal shoe out there are Jimmy Choo’s. You’ll basically need to skip paying rent for a month or two (depending on where you reside) but from what brides tell me it’s totally worth it because they say they don’t know when they’ll get to have their parents splurge on them like that again.

Another reason why shoes are on this list is because alot of places that make bridal shoes are having a lot of fun with them by creating different colors and fabrications to wear on the big day. Blue is nothing short of ordinary as brides who try to keep to tradition try to incorporate their something blue this way.

2016-10-17 16.54.23

Image by

Hair candy is what I call it that’s complimenting this lovely fishtail braid. One thing is that brides today are going off that natural bohemian vibe with the loose tossled hair but another thing is what brides are putting in their hair. Etsy has become a big influencer in this digital age. I’d say 90% of the brides I work with buy their accessories off Etsy. Especially when it comes to the things they put in their hair. A lot of brides tell me they’re trying to save money where they can. Others tell me they like to support the smaller guys. Touchè!

2016-10-17 16.58.16

Image origination unknown

Lastly, the cake…it’s the best part of the wedding for all foodies such as myself. (Next to the open bar that is). I’ve noticed that so much more detail is going into the cake. Yesterday if the cake vendor offered you 3 options (1. Size? 2. Color? 3. Flavor?), today they offer you 20. I love options though and I love creativity so I’m excited to see where this goes.


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