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Danielle Bernstein, the founder of We Wore What launched her first line, Second Skin Overalls on Thursday. With 1.5M Instagram followers, she has a global audience following and has become one of the biggest social media influencers. Since the start of her blog while still a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology, her blog transitioned from street style into her own personal fashion diary offering daily outfit inspiration. We Wore What has since evolved into more of a lifestyle blog, through offering menswear and home design content as well. Her tagline through the years, “Overalls are my second skin”, was the inspiration behind the name of the collection.
“I had always been a lover of overalls but have never been able to find the perfect pair, except for ones that were vintage and one-off pieces. I wanted to create a collection of overalls that every girl would want in her wardrobe.” 
I’ve been a long time follower of Danielle’s blog for the past few years and as a fellow FIT student, I’ve been so inspired by her journey and the accomplishments she’s achieved in this industry in just a few years.
The collection, The Basics, consists of 5 different styles: the high rise flare, the high rise skinny, the oversized culotte, the relaxed fit and the 70’s-inspired Tencel jumpsuit. Each style was designed to flatter all body types. The styles are high waisted with a cinched waistline to lift your butt to give you shape and make your legs look long. Fit was the focus of each design and each style was fabricated in a cashmere-like denim material that is stretchy without stretching out. The price ranges run from $185-$230 making this collection affordable and accessible for her readers. Bernstein plans to expand beyond denim in her future collections and is looking to leather, lace and silk. Danielle advises when styling overalls, “Comfort is key, if you don’t feel good you’re not going to look good. But when you’re styling the overalls I love a cropped sweater or some sort of top with dramatic sleeves but a bunch of these styles can actually be worn with nothing under them too which I love.”



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From Fashion Blogger to Fashion Designer