The PROGRESSION of Ukraines invasion

The PROGRESSION of Ukraines invasion

Image from NDTV: : Russian air strikes hit military installations across Ukraine on first day.

The Garnette Reports continues covering the progression of the invasion of the Ukraine. 

As the days progressed there has been updates about the aggressive invasion on Ukraine. Currently, there are Russian soldiers 20 miles from Kyiv states CNN. As a result Ukraine suppled weapons to reservists. Lastly, men between  18 and 60 are unable to leave the Ukraine.

In the last 24 hours over, Ukraine reported over 100 Ukrainians were dead. Including about 137 civilians and military personnel were found dead on the first day of the invasion.

Early this morning Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky released a video message to the country. He made direct statements towards Russian citizens to help to bring an end to this war. Also criticizing the lack of authority from Ukraines allies. 

Zelensky also states that,”In the sky over Kyiv (this morning), there was bombing. There was a fire at a residential apartment building. Such attacks on our capital haven’t occurred since 1941.”

 The U.S and other foreign Allie counties have responded only with intense sanctions. Biden enforced the restrictions of exporting products from the U.S. to Russia such as defense technology.

Image from NBC News

In particular they also targeted Russian Banks freezing their assets with the U.S.

Furthermore Biden establishes that Putin is the aggressor. Putin chose this war. And now he and his country will bear the consequences.”

Despite the “no one should interfere” warning that Putin televised before the invasion. Biden has announced he’s sending additional troops from the U.S. to Germany and Poland.

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