Natural Makeup (Literally) For 2018

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The ‘90s gave us lip liner and body glitter, the 2000s gave us the smokey eye, the early 2010s were the years of contouring, and 2018 seems to be the year that we’re putting all of that to rest.  With brands like Glossier — famed for their no-fuss, “no makeup”-makeup products — gaining popularity, this year’s makeup trend is a low-maintenance one.

Glossier | Instagram
Glossier | Instagram

Taking “natural makeup” to the next level, Annemarie Gianni offers makeup that is literally all-natural.  As more and more people are reading labels to avoid harmful additives, Annmarie’s ingredient lists are ones to be proud of.  The Minerals-Multi Purpose Foundation contains four things — titanium dioxide, iron oxide, mica, zinc oxide. With the goal of simplifying my makeup routine and giving my skin a break, I placed an order.

A week later, my Minerals Multi-Purpose Foundation Sample Kit arrived in the mail.  The kit contained ⅓ a dram of the 8 mineral shades, a sample of herbal facial oil, and a $10 off coupon for the full-sized products.

Minerals by Annmarie |
Minerals by Annmarie |

How it works:

In essence, you mix the oil with the mineral pigment to create a liquid foundation — more oil makes the mixture more sheer, and less oil gives more coverage.  The instructions on their website recommend these three steps:

  1. Tap a small, pea-sized amount of Minerals Multi-Purpose Foundation into the palm of your hand.
  2. Add your favorite facial oil or serum and mix together.
  3. Apply to your face using your fingers or a foundation brush until blended in. This method is great for those who like their foundation with a dewy finish.

For those who prefer a matte finish over a dewy one, Annmarie recommends:

  1. After moisturizing your face, tap a small amount of Minerals Multi-Purpose Foundation into a small dish or the palm of your hand.
  2. Dip your brush into the powder, tap it on its side, then apply the powder to your skin in circular strokes.
  3. Create that smooth finish with your fingertips, a makeup sponge or brush.

After playing around with it for a week, I’ve gotten a feel for the product’s perks and its limitations.  On the plus side, this foundation is super customizable. You choose the ratio of oil to mineral every time you mix it, so I can adapt the mixture to fix my skin’s needs for that particular day.  The foundation somehow manages to always feel lightweight, even on days that I use more of the mineral for more coverage.

Though I love the ingredients, how the foundation feels, and its ability to customize, it does have its cons.  My initial goal was to simplify my makeup routine but because I’m the one mixing the pigments and oils (rather than using makeup that’s ready to go with a simple pump), I have to allow more time to make sure that I make the correct mixture.  Another downside is that being between shades — and having to combine Sand and Honey to match my skin — makes it hard to get the exact shade match everyday.

Overall, my experience with the Minerals Multi-Purpose Foundation was a good one.  The pros outweigh the cons (which ultimately boiled down to the extra time this product required), and it’s a perfect foundation for anyone wanting to achieve the “I woke up like this” look with makeup that is better for your skin.  Annmarie Gianni is primarily a skincare company and though the Minerals Multi-Purpose Foundation is the only makeup it currently offers, I’ll definitely be keeping my eye out for any new rollouts.


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