Kelly Faetanini Bridal Collection 2017/2018

Kelly Faetanini Bridal Collection 2017/2018



April 20th, 2017     “The earth has its music for those who will listen,

Its bright variations forever abound;”


There is nothing that thrills like the beauty of a girl on her special day. The idea behind this collection was the dark romance. Also the idea of the innocent feeling of seducation. This was a 22 piece viewing. Enjoy the images.




IMG_0985 IMG_0998 IMG_0999 IMG_1002 IMG_1003 IMG_1009 IMG_1012 IMG_1017 IMG_1018 IMG_1021 IMG_1027 IMG_1030 IMG_1037 IMG_1040  IMG_1051 IMG_1077 IMG_1081 IMG_1086 IMG_1087 IMG_1091 IMG_1093 IMG_1099 IMG_1101 IMG_1103 IMG_1113 IMG_1117 IMG_1134 IMG_1144 IMG_1150 IMG_1153 IMG_1158 IMG_1164 IMG_1211 IMG_1214 IMG_1217 IMG_1238 IMG_1246 IMG_1249 IMG_1252 IMG_1258 IMG_1262 IMG_1268 IMG_1276 IMG_1277 IMG_1279 IMG_1283 IMG_1286 IMG_1288

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