PETER LANGNER 2017\2018 New York Bridal Collection

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April 20th 2017
25 years of countless cherished memories of Peter Langner.
Through the last 25 years, the name Peter Langner has reprsednted excellence and imagimation. There was not one thing in this collection, one can not like.
Key Notes to take from this collection:
  • All the designs are individullay cut.
  • The dresses are embroidered with the finest crystals and pearls.
  • Everything is made in house.
  • Custom detailing as well as architectural shapes can see seen in the dresses.
One common reponse from members at the show and my social media was this collection makes you, just want to get married.
It is clear the team as well, as Peter Langner set a goal  for perfection for this showing.
IMG_1731 IMG_1748 IMG_1750 IMG_1752

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PETER LANGNER 2017\2018 New York Bridal Collection