Katie Porter: A Congresswoman for the People

Katie Porter speaking at an event. | Alex Wong/Getty Images: www.politico.com


A first-time Congresswoman representing California’s 45th district, Katie Porter, is making a massive impact during her time in politics. Just one of her many great attributes: she refuses to receive money from corporate entities and instead, is using her platform to tear down special interest groups on both sides of the aisles according to her website. As a former attorney and alum from schools like Harvard and Yale, she knows her stuff and isn’t afraid of her competition.

American citizens need more congresspeople like herself to tear down these corporations who are looking to get richer by any means necessary. Even if that wealth they earn comes from tripling the cost of vital drugs for cancer patients. This is her most recent presentation in her efforts to make corporations, entities, and their dealings honest, and geared toward the American people. In this specific instance, she is tackling a former big pharmaceutical CEO on his compensation for increasing drug prices.

The link to the video is directly below:
Another instance of her iconic presentations, which has gone viral on Twitter is this encounter:

She and her whiteboard seem to be inseparable these days. The whiteboard has honestly become an icon itself. It is the perfect visual aid to show how massive some of these earnings versus their company’s expenses are for millionaires to continue their theft from the American people. And while these greedy business people have found loopholes that keep them getting richer, it’s important to recognize the power of her platform in her first term. She can’t be swayed with money and instead, she seeks out these loopholes to make them visible to the public. She is being honest with her constituents and overall American citizens to uncover greed in Washington DC.

And the effects seem to be working. As she continues to grow an internet presence many users have even begun planning their Halloween costumes after that iconic whiteboard of hers.

People have become more involved with her politics simply because she’s working for one group and that’s the American people. It’s a wonder what politics would look like today if all of our representatives worked as hard as Katie Porter does for her district and American citizens in all. No one can predict the future, but something tells me that the effects would be a completely different view of our current democratic system the way we see it. So, go out and vote for people like Katie Porter, it may affect the way we see America.


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Katie Porter: A Congresswoman for the People