KA WA KEY’s NYMD Presentation:

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“It was your place where we kissed. Inhibitions evaporated, both of us were consumed by exploration of pleasure. It made things clear in my mind. Things, which had been vague. I realised what I needed. My new reality was moulded. I know what it’s like to be a good boy, top of the class, but now I wanted to disgust everyone instead of pleasing them. I wanted perversion. It was no longer enough for me to be me, I decided to be everyone, and feel everything in my body. Nothing, everything was gone. I opened my eyes, it was all in my head. This refuge is all. Is transcendent, I need nothing more, hidden here inside like two skins, one inside the other, two in one.”


These are the words, which inspired KA WA KEY’s NYMD presentation, which was performed by seven models; changing between three looks in front of the audience and performing improvised movement story of impossible love and imaginative sensual orgy.


Cowboy Who Cried Wasabi Tears romantic reinterpretation of traditional American denim wears and Western “cowboy” wear inspired by Brokeback Mountain. It’s built on KA WA KEY’s International Woolmark Prize 18/19 semifinal capsule collection idea and story of impossible love. Original digital prints are designers’ hand painted artworks. KA WA KEY’s signature techniques devour and “cracked” are used to create unique textured prints. Silhouettes and shapes vary from relaxed to fitted, some garments features interesting openings enabling to create deconstructed shapes. All the bags are the result of FREQUENT FLYER X KA WA KEY collaboration.


London based KA WA KEY thinks twink, explores hedonism, gender fluidity and soft masculinity.





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Joseph Abboud Fall 2019
KA WA KEY’s NYMD Presentation: