Justice served against Colorado Springs police DEPARTMENT

Justice served against Colorado Springs police DEPARTMENT

Image from The Gazzelle,
Protesters hold up a “Black Lives Matter” flag at the protest and march for Breonna Taylor in downtown Colorado Springs on Sept. 27, 2020. Taylor, a Black woman, was shot and killed by police in Louisville, Ken., earlier that year.

The Colorado Springs police owes Black Liver Matter protester $175,000 after police brutality case.

The state of Colorado officially delivers justice to African American, Celia Palmer who after police brutality in Colorado Springs.

On June 2,2020 during a Black Lives Matter protest, Sgt. Keith Wrede and officer Wesley Woodworth ambushed Palmer and friend.  Trained officers tackled both of them to the floor and forcefully slammed Palmer to the ground. There is not much reason behind this aggressive attack, except for personal racial motives.

Further more the Colorado police department has a member who participates in hate crimes.

Moreover in August of 2020 Sgt. Wrede commented “KILL THEM ALL” and “KILL EM ALL” on a Facebook live stream of a Black Lives Matter event.

Image from KRDO of Colorado Springs Sargent Keith Wrede

The department evidently disciplined by the department after the event in June 2020. Released a statement saying “ the alleged comments were inappropriate and unprofessional and do not reflect the values of the Colorado Springs Police Department.”

As a result of the event, Palmer filed a lawsuit in July against the mishandling by the police force. 

The payout was part of the settlement, but it requires the Colorado Springs Police Department to update their policy handbook in regards to dispersing crowds. It has become an requirement for officers to give crowds a verbal warning before utilizing reasonable force and tools. 

“If  the  warning  is  related  to  deadly  force,  the  officer  will  specifically  warn  of  the  impending use of firearms or other deadly physical force, if possible,” the settlement states.

“ A warning must be given with sufficient time for the warning to be observed.”

This is relevant, until an officer professionally observes the situation as a reckless and leads to death.

In sum, the Colorado Springs police will have to abide by order.

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